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The Glowstick Training Series
Ice Cream in the Emerald City
“Age ain’t nothin’ but a number,” Aaliyah, 1994 Earth

Rita didn’t think I was old enough. Rita an attractive woman with wide brown eyes and short dark curls that wound up like ringlets was arguing my fate with my protector Sui Lee. Wearing a pink knee length dress, cinched at the waist, matching kitten heels and giant white pearls around her thin neck, she lived in a world apart from Sui Lee and me. Her bronzed cheeks were flecked with rouge. Her lips were painted the color of dark cherries. She was tall, too. Much taller than Sui Lee. Much taller than I.
They were the picture of opposites. Sui Lee’s short cropped army green pants and orange tank was functional, as was her dangling black hair always swept back into a ponytail. She kept two daggers in her side pockets and a mojo bag tied with reeds around her neck. I couldn’t imagine Rita with a dagger in her pleated pocket. I couldn’t imagine Sui Lee with reddish make up on her cheek. The two had the camaraderie of sisters. I guess they knew one another from before the war.
I sat on the marble kitchen table, my legs dangling as Sui Lee and this Rita woman argued back and forth in the adjoining room. I was 12 now, and Sui Lee had been hiding me in the Enchanted Forest for five years. We hid with the Sisterhood, in a gated area so deep into the forest that no human, other than those in the Sisterhood, knew it existed. I was the only kid, which apparently some in the Sisterhood thought was a problem. I didn’t see what the big deal was.

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Ytasha L. Womack is author and creator of the Rayla 2212 series. An award winning author and filmmaker,her books include Beats, Rhymes and Life: What We Love & Hate About Hip Hop and Post Black: How a New Generation is Redefining African American Identity. Read More Under "The Author" section of the website