RAYLA 2212

 RAYLA 2212 PAPERBACK edition available today!


RAYLA 2212 follows Rayla Illmatic, a third generation citizen of Planet Hope, a former Earth colony that’s claimed its independence. But the utopian world has turned upside down and Rayla is on a quest to right the wrongs and end the rule of the Dirk. After her lover and rebel leader Carcine disappears on a mission to find mystical scientist Shakur Moulan, Rayla embarks on a journey to complete the mission. She soon finds herself on a journey to find The Missing, a group of New Age Astronauts who were lost in the teleport project. This story ties reincarnation, space travel, virtual worlds and love as Rayla seeks to make her world a better place.

As Rayla discovers new worlds, she comes to discover herself and her power.

RAYLA 2212 launched at Chicago Comic Con, April 25-27, 2014


Rayla 2212 is comprised of

2212: Book of Rayla, Rayla Redfeather & the Return of Bettye X and Rayla’s Revolution.




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